Removing a workspace

To remove a workspace from your account, click on the "remove from list" button next to your workspace; this will remove the workspace from our database and delete any generated files associated with this workspace.

Buffering while removing a workspace

The website may buffer a bit when you click on the 'remove from list' button; this happens because right now the website deletes your workspace files immediately when you click on the "remove from list" button (and that will take some buffering).

In the future we will likely do this in sessions, so your files and data are not immediately removed though are rather added to a session queue to be handled in the background.

Extra security blanket

We do remove any possible access on our end, the 'remove from list' button is enough for this to happen, though if you would like that extra security blanket you may also want to remove the Jump Ship connection within Notion itself.

To do this, login to Notion, switch to the workspace you exported using our service, go to Settings & members, go to My Connections, click on the three dots next to 'Jump Ship' and then click on 'Disconnect account.'

We would love to be able to do this on our end, though this is not something that's currently possible using the Notion API.