Known errors

Template errors

The errors that appear may be template errors.

In this case, something has gone wrong with your template and you will need to change this.

Failed to fetch errors

You may get a 'Failed to fetch Notion Request after 10 tries' error.

This will contain something like: 'Make sure the relevant pages and databases are shared with your integration.' As described, Jump Ship doesn't have permission for the page or database that is being linked to here.

The first thing to try is retrying the error, though if this doesn't work, you may have to investigate a bit further.

To resolve this, visit the Notion Block linked in the error, find where it mentions the page or database, and remove this reference.

Alternatively, click on 'add workspace', find the page or database that the service doesn't have access to, and add the permission for this.

If retrying the errors doesn't fix this, try restarting the session entirely. In this case, the service is likely trying to generate the page or database that you've now deleted; a restart fixes this.

Repeated errors

Sometimes you may get a bunch of errors next to each other. This can be quite alarming if you've never seen it before.

If you click into any of them, they will all likely have more or less the same error message.

This happens because a unique error object is created every time a page errors, and we don't yet have something implemented to collapse those together when two or more errors are the same.

If you are getting a repeated error, this is probably a more serious bug. In this instance, it would be best to reach out to our support e-mail for us to get that sorted for you:

Other errors

If it's another more weird error that won't go away after a retry, send over a message on our support e-mail here: