Banners & Icons

By default, banner images and icons are included in the YAML of your notes, like so:

banner: ""
banner_icon: "🥳"
Hello World!

This information is able to be picked up by the Banners community plug-in and is able to be displayed at the top of your note.

If, for some reason, you don't need or want to export your banner images and icons, you can use this template instead:

{% if page.has_props %}
{% for prop in page.props.values() %}
{{ }}: {{ prop.get_value(timezone=0) }}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
{{ page.contents }}

External banner images

Banner images, by default, are added into the YAML metadata, like this:

banner: ""

This format is supported using the Banners community plug-in.

You can remove or change the way this is generated using Templates.

Internal banner images

Internal banner images on pages (files rather than URLs) are not able to be exported.

This is because recognising internal cover images on pages is currently not supported by Notion.

Exporting non-emoji icons

Icons that are not standard emojis are currently not able to be retrieved using the Notion API.

This means that currently we are unable to support exporting external or internal icons.