Handling errors

As we are still in beta testing, it is likely you will encounter some errors during workspace generation.

These will pop up next to the loading bar during generation.

To resolve these errors on your workspace, try these steps:

  1. Retry the errors.
  2. Attempt to fix the errors yourself.
  3. Retry the errors once more.
  4. Try restarting the entire workspace.

Retrying the errors

If errors do appear, instead of restarting you'll be able to click on the "🔁 queue retry errors" button to retry the generation for the pages that errored.

This button will appear once your generation session ends.

This saves you from having to restart the entire generation, meaning you only have to regenerate the pages that errored.

Fixing errors yourself

If retrying the errors didn't work, you can visit the Notion block or property the error came up on.

This is done by clicking on the error and clicking on 'Link to Notion Block'.

You can then try removing the page, removing the reference to this page, removing or editing a property; in every case some kind of removal or edit will be required to fix this on your end depending on the error.

You can view more information about error types here.

It's possible that the error is to do with an important page / database / property / block etc. that you definitely want to include in your workspace export. If this is the case, please escalate to our support e-mail at support@jumpship.net.

Retrying the errors again

After going through and making changes to your workspace, try retrying the errors again.

In most cases, this should resolve things and the generation should be able to complete itself.

Restarting the entire workspace

If all else fails, try restarting the session entirely.

This is only recommended if none of the other steps work.

To do this, wait for your current generation session to end and then hit the "🔁 queue restart" button. This will regenerate your workspace from the beginning.

Still having trouble?

If none of these things work, send over a message at support@jumpship.net and we'll investigate.