Generating your workspace

To generate your workspace, click on the "add to queue" button.

This will add your workspace to the generation queue.


As of now, generation progress can be seen by refreshing the page.

This will show live generation progress in a future update.

Stopping workspace generation

As of now, once workspace generation has started there is no way to stop or pause this until the session has completed.

If you really do need to pull the handbrake, you could try removing access to the 'Jump Ship' connection within Notion. This will mess up your session, and will likely result in a bunch of errors, though this will stop the service from reading any more of your files.

How long will generation take?

This will depend on the size of your workspace, though could take 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

We aim to improve the speed of generation in the future.

How will I know when generation has finished?

Completed with errors

When workspace generation has finished, the loading bar will disappear and you will see these buttons:

  • 🔁 queue restart
  • 🔁 queue retry errors
  • 🗑 remove from list
  • ⚠ error 1, ⚠ error 2, etc.

If this is the case, then your workspace has completed with errors.

See Handling Errors for information on how to fix this.

Completed successfully

When workspace generation has finished successfully, the loading bar will disappear and you will see these buttons:

  • 🔁 queue restart
  • ⏏ download
  • 🗑 remove from list

See Download Workspace for information on how to download.


Eventually we plan to add in e-mail sending on generation completion. This is in the works, though for now you will have to check back every so often to see if generation has completed.