Setting up Obsidian

To support your move to Obsidian, there are some things you may want to change.

Enabling community plug-ins

To begin using some of these extra features, you want to turn off Restricted mode.

This will allow you to start using community plug-ins.

To do this, go to Settings > Community Plug-ins and turn off Restricted Mode.

Showing banner images and icons in your notes

Notion has a nifty feature allowing you to place banners and icons on your pages.

Obsidian doesn't have these features by default, though you can enable this functionality by installing the Banners community plug-in.

Enable the plug-in and you should start seeing banners appearing in your notes.

Setting up folders to behave as notes

Notion handles notes a little differently than Obsidian, in that you can parent a page inside of another page.

To recreate this behaviour in Obsidian, you want to install the Folder Note plug-in.

After enabling the plug-in, go to Folder Note settings and where it says Note File Method, select "Folder Name Outside." This treats the file with the same name outside of the folder as the folder note, which is how Jump Ship generates your files.